My blog has a theme now: Office Automation

This blog started as something of a coding journal. I imagined looking back at a collection of projects five years from now and cringing at horrible code and development practices. This blog has been somewhat challenging to keep up with since I have just been working on random things that I feel are interesting and making blog posts out of them. I figured having a theme would help with the frequency as well as the quality of my posts.

Therefore, most of my blog posts from now on will be centered around using python in an office environment! I initially picked up python for a few reasons:

  • Easy to learn
  • Able to automate tasks at my day job (data pulling and wrangling)
  • Fun to use

I’ll plan on releasing a tutorial soon on setting up my preferred python development environment in a corporate office. Hopefully my tutorials will help you get on Bender’s level of automation, who made two mini versions of himself so he didn’t have to do work while the mini Benders did it all.

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